The most wonderful time of the year is here so quickly check out Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences Holidays Calendar here: 🎇


We’re looking forward to celebrating these special moments with our most beloved ones. Our family here at the Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences wants to share our custom-made schedule, full of joyful activities, festive food, and relaxation, with you and your family.

Because happiness is even better when shared and because holidays in St. Lucia are something entirely unforgettable, we encourage you to book your favorite activities, designed as a complete experience for our guests as they get the unique chance of spending the Christmas Holidays while on vacation in St. Lucia – a lifetime experience.


We’re not only promising parties and tasty food, land and water activities but also priceless moments of relaxation at the spa, while also celebrating your moments of bliss with a cocktail and a healthy snack contemplating the Caribbean horizon.

Starting December 13th until January 2nd, the Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences is booked with events that promise to entertain our guests, keeping them busy during their stay and making them part of an unforgettable experience, delightful for children and adults alike.

To kick off the festive season, Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences hosts its annual Lighting Ceremony where live carollers sing while we reveal our 20-foot Christmas tree and resort-wide festive lighting.


We’ve put together 2+ weeks of daily fun, starting with National St. Lucia Day, where your days begin with yoga, pilates, spa and aerobics, to get your body active with a comprehensive morning workout routine. After that, you’ll be boasting with empowering energy, whether it’s the unwinding kind, yoga, stretching or morning walks. Next, we’ll be guiding you through some of the best things Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences has to offer. A preview of our main sporting opportunities is available for our guests, starting December 13th. The afternoon will be carried on with our St. Lucian Jamboree, where you’ll be invited to let yourself sink into the beauty of music, with live performances of our most beloved local artists and choirs. Click here to view the calendar.

If empowering workout programs are not your preference, whether it’s the unwinding kind, yoga, stretching or morning walks, you can always spice up the mood with some fun and unique competitions throughout the day, such as paintball, beach volleyball, cricket, golf, kayak races, horseshoe throwing, darts, cooking, jazzminton, scavenger hunts and many, many more.

Afternoons and evenings are dedicated to music, with easy garden listening in the gazebo, and performances by local vocal and instrumental artists, and bands exploring more music genres. And of course, when you’re ready to party, our in-house DJ will invite you to dance the night away. Highlighting the musical part of the evening, there will be occasional surprises, such as the ‘Taste of St. Lucia’, where the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy Dancers will give audiences the chance of getting to know the culture of St. Lucia through dance, music and colorful costumes, showcasing the best of the country’s African heritage. The Royal St. Lucia Police Band is also part of our evening highlights.


Whereas the Christmas days are concerned, you’ll be spending Christmas Eve taking in the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea while on a beach lounger or getting pumped up with yoga, pilates, or any of our other lively activities. While the evening is reserved for laid music while you dine, a saxophone live performance, Christmas caroling with our local Secondary School Combined Youth Choir, and a spectacular evening is brought to you by 10-time award-winning St. Lucian vocalist, Shayne Ross.

The 25th of December focuses more on food and dining, and later on, we will partake in an exciting and fun Christmas tree decoration contest, after which we’ll join Santa’s elves in a treasure hunt because being all together and getting into the Christmas spirit is what the Holidays are all about. You’ll even get the chance to get competitive and defeat Santa’s elves in games of beach volleyball and island cricket.

Enjoy the Caribbean and St. Lucian nights to come. We have prepared flavors from our cultural richness, in shapes of food, sports, arts and performance for the occasion. And we promise you New Year’s Eve won’t be short of surprises, either. ‘Las Vegas in St. Lucia’ is 2023’s themed party, with cuisine from around the world, live music, entertainment and of course – fireworks!

Don’t forget to check what Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences 12 Days of Christmas holiday schedule look like: