Every year in October, Saint Lucia comes alive with vibrant celebrations, marking Creole Heritage Month. This month-long event, which began as Creole Day in 1981, has grown into a joyful and colorful expression of the island’s rich and diverse cultural roots, where our guests are dearly invited to partake and acknowledge our heritage through interactive events.


A Month of Cultural Delights


The month of Octoberis a celebration of St. Lucia’s French Creole Heritage, encompassing music, dance, cuisine, art, and various other forms of cultural expression. Creole Heritage Month is a testament to the island’s cultural richness and diversity.

Throughout October, the island is alive with music, theatrical performances, seminars, lectures, culinary experiences, art exhibitions, and street parties. It’s a time when St. Lucians and visitors come together to celebrate their cherished heritage.

To get a taste of the local Creole cuisine, you’re always invited to discover more flavors in one of our resort’s finest restaurants. Whether you have an appetite for exotic tastes from the other side of the world or would simply like to end your evening having dinner with a view, we have something to satisfy everyone’s palette.

During the month of October we have many exciting events taking place right on resort to introduce our guests to the Creole Heritage we so look forward to celebrating every year.


Embracing the Local Lingo

(October 2nd, 9th, 16th 23rd & 30th 2023)

One cannot truly experience St. Lucia’s culture without delving into the local language. This unique language, traditionally spoken in rural areas, combines African language origins with a vocabulary primarily derived from French. Learning a few Creole phrases adds depth to your cultural immersion.


A Glimpse into History

(October 23rd – October 28th 2023)

For those interested in St. Lucia’s history, the Jammers beach deck offers a fascinating display of historical artefacts. This exhibit provides an educational journey into the way of life of St. Lucian ancestors, offering insight into their traditions and customs.


Bamboo Bursting: A Joyous Tradition

(October 26th, 29th 2023)

Bamboo Bursting is a tradition that signals the beginning of the creole season and the Christmas festivities. It involves using bamboo to create an “air cannon” whose thunderous sound can be heard from miles away. It’s a symbolic and joyous start to the season.


Creole Fashion Takes Center Stage

(October 27th 2023)

St. Lucia boasts a talented pool of designers, and during Creole Heritage Month, their creations take the spotlight. Clothing, bags, hats, jewelry, and more are showcased in a grand fashion show titled “Creole Fashion Hits the Pool”. Top runway models present these innovative designs, offering a fusion of tradition and modernity.


Creole Day: The Grand Finale

(October 29th 2023)

Throughout the month, our resort itself becomes a hub of cultural activity. Guests can indulge in traditional St. Lucian cuisine and delicacies, immersing themselves in the island’s flavors and culinary traditions. The day is filled with traditional entertainment, adding to the festive atmosphere.

The pinnacle of Creole Heritage Month is Creole Day, locally known as “Jounen Kweyol”. This grand celebration takes place on the last Sunday of October, and it’s a day when various communities across the island come together in exuberant revelry.

Creole Month celebrates cultural richness native to these parts, and it’s a kind hearted invitation for you to join us – October might be the ideal time to simply indulge in the authenticity this island has to offer.

Begin your vacation in our luxury resort, explore the culinary scene, relax and rejuvenate at our wellness center and spice up your experience with the events celebrated during Creole Month. And if your party shoes are still on, join us at Windjammer Landing for our daily events, which you can find listed in the resort’s calendar.

As the rhythms of Creole Heritage Month fade away, the memories linger on. St. Lucia’s vibrant culture, rich traditions, and warm hospitality have left an indelible mark on all who’ve joined in the festivities. Until next year’s celebration, may the spirit of Creole heritage continue to inspire and connect us all.