Get ready to dive into a world of festivity and joy at Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences. As the holiday season approaches, we’re opening the doors to a series of truly enchanting moments. We’ve put together a selection of events to ensure an unforgettable Christmas experience for you and your loved ones. From the grand Tree Lighting Ceremony to Santa’s grand arrival, we invite you to bask in the warmth of St. Lucia’s sunshine and embrace the spirit of the season.


Handpick Your Favorite December Christmas Highlights


Tree Lighting Ceremony (December 5th)

You’re invited to partake in the first official ceremony of unwrapping Christmas with the grand illumination of our towering 20-foot Christmas Tree. This magical evening features more than just light bites and cocktails; it’s an immersive experience, resonating with the heart-warming sound of music and live entertainment, as our team stands ready to welcome the arrival of Christmas with you, under the light of spectacular fireworks.


St. Lucia National Day Celebrations (December 13th)

Our cultural extravaganza continues with vibrant celebrations, coloured by the character of traditional experiences, where music & dance set the backdrop for capturing the essence of a true St. Lucian spectacle, as you indulge into a selection of curated local tastes & aromas.


Polar Express Train Ride (December 19th)

Your journey into joy will take you aboard the Polar Express for a magical expedition across our resort. As the train winds its way through the landscapes, witness breathtaking panoramas with mountainside views and have a memorable family adventure.


Water Regatta (December 22nd)

On December 22nd, you’re about to embark on an aquatic symphony, where water sports and entertainment fuse. Sailing, skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and more come together in a vivid water regatta – gear up for an unforgettable ride.


Beachfront Bonfire Concert (December 24th)

As the sun sets over our pristine beach, a symphony of carols and jazz fills the air, creating an ambiance of tranquil merriment. The waves echo the sounds of the season, making this Christmas Eve a night of harmonic joy.

Family Sandcastle Building Competition and Santa’s Arrival (December 25th)

Christmas Day debuts with a chance for the whole family to get creative and competitive, as you sculpt the most imposing sand kingdom along the golden shores. Later, join us to welcome Santa, setting the stage for a memorable Christmas Dinner Experience at Dragonfly.


Boxing Day Brunch (December 26th)

Delight in a lavish feast with vibrant live entertainment. Our Culinary Team presents an array of delectable delights, taking you on a culinary journey that marks the closing of our splendid holiday celebrations.


Step into a world of enchantment and festive cheer at Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences, where the spirit of Christmas comes alive. The echoes of laughter and joy from all of you leave an indelible mark on our hearts, year after year. We hope you let the memories of these cherished moments linger, leaving a sweet taste along with snapshots of a wonderful time.


And for those of you who still haven’t got anything planned this Christmas, if we caught your attention and spending holidays with us seems like a good idea, there’s always room for you at Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences! Check out our Holiday Package for some last-minute savings!