Picture this: a sun-kissed haven, where every moment is painted with hues of passion and every breeze carries whispers of love. It’s more than a holiday; it’s an ode to togetherness, to the magic that happens when souls connect amidst the beauty of St. Lucia.

Imagine an experience that goes beyond the ordinary – a celebration of love in a setting that feels tailor-made for you and your special someone. Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences, nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, offers a dreamy, exotic escape for couples seeking romance and connection. From private villas with whirlpool tubs to candlelit beach dinners, this tropical haven provides an idyllic setting for love to flourish.

But more on our Valentine’s Day Cloud 9 Package later.

Love is in the Air, in the Sea, in the Sand

Whether you’re planning a proposal, honeymoon, vow renewal, or a simple vacation, Windjammer Landing promises romantic getaways that become cherished treasures for a lifetime, and to top it off, December to February is the perfect time to visit this part of the world.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for couples to put themselves first and relax, indulge and have unparalleled adventures in an idyllic setting. Surrounded by sun, sea and sand, you can experience land or sea cruises, discover the island’s lush, natural beauty, learn about local history and culture, go on a culinary tour around the world (without even leaving the resort) or embark on an adrenaline-packed adventure!

Sea Cruises under the Sunset

Enjoy the island by boat, whether your idea of fun is simply absorbing the sunset between mountain peaks, sailing, fishing, exploring the seas, or getting aboard and sailing your own sailboat in search of a thrill!

Adventures on Land for Two

St. Lucia’s the type of island that wants to be discovered, leaving room for countless possibilities to get acquainted. Hiking, rainforest trekking, natural mud baths at Soufriere’s hospitality, nightlife, bar hopping and, one of our personal favorites, horseback riding and swimming with horses are just a few of the things you can indulge in.

More on our curated island adventures here.

Candlelit Cliffside Dinner

Surrounded by flickering candles, soft music, and the sounds of the ocean, dine on a gourmet menu meticulously crafted by world-renowned chefs, with more than one breathtaking view in the background. An exquisite journey around the world of tastes invites you to lose yourself in this magical moment.

Redefining Relaxation

Embarking on our exquisite spa treatments and self-care together is a definite highlight for couples staying at the resort. Delight in a rejuvenating and purifying experience enriched with local ingredients and techniques, creating a shared journey that you can savor side by side.

A Priceless Valentine’s Day Retreat – Introducing the Cloud 9 Package

Take it up a notch: escape to a luxurious, romantic paradise, as Windjammer Landing Resort & Residences introduces the unprecedented Valentine’s Day on Cloud 9 Package.

Picture a personalized private charter experience from anywhere in the world, featuring a customized culinary presentation which will take you around the world without ever leaving the resort, over-the-top amenities, and many other delightful surprises! Indulge in a 6-night stay in our new two-bedroom Ocean Point Residence, complete with a private infinity pool, breathtaking views, and a dedicated 24/7 personal butler.

As a token of everlasting love, each couple is gifted a bespoke piece of diamond jewelry, an exquisite emblem of the timeless bond you share. Say “Yes” to a journey unlike any other, that transcends traditional getaways and gives you an experience beyond imagination, where love takes flight and memories are etched in the skies.

Cheers to love, laughter, and a Valentine’s Day to remember!