In honor of World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th worldwide, the team at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort took great pride in playing an active role in promoting global sustainability.

Spearheaded by our dedicated Sustainability Coordinator, Trevans Johnny, a range of meaningful activities were orchestrated, leaving a positive imprint on both the local community and beyond.

To commemorate this significant occasion, Windjammer Landing’s Environment, Health, and Safety Committee organized a week-long series of events focused on raising awareness about island conservation.

Introducing our guests to a more conscious traveling style

The festivities commenced with a momentous tree-planting ceremony on June 5th, 2023. Led by our Managing Director, Nick Prattas, and our skilled landscaping team, the ceremony was attended by esteemed members of the EHS committee and resort leaders.

Continuing the celebration, guests at Windjammer were graciously invited to participate in captivating Creole classes, providing them with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture and pay homage to its people and traditions.

Furthermore, our esteemed Private Residence Club organized a captivating cocktail reception that showcased a unique wine-making class, featuring the use of locally sourced ingredients. Meanwhile, our talented Executive Chef, Sebastian Francis, introduced our guests to the principles of sustainable cooking, enlightening their palates while nurturing eco-consciousness.

Photo caption: Windjammer Landing team leading a “clean up” campaign in the Trouya area in St. Lucia

And finally, the pinnacle of our festivities arrived with the official handover of Plastic HDPE Bottles to the Ministry of Sustainable Development. This momentous occasion was preceded by a dedicated clean-up campaign in the neighboring Trouya area, serving as a powerful testament to our commitment to environmental preservation.

Honoring and protecting nature and its species – The Jacquot

The Jacquot parrot, a beloved and iconic figure at Windjammer Landing’s Fun Club for Kids, represents the essence of St. Lucia as our cherished National Bird. As custodians of this indigenous species, we seized the opportunity on World Environment Day to celebrate and raise awareness about the plight of the Jacquot, highlighting the significance of preserving our environment.

We were delighted to witness the positive response from our guests, who embraced our initiatives and joined forces with the people of St. Lucia in safeguarding our language, culture, history, landmarks, and, above all, our precious natural heritage, encompassing its diverse floral and faunal species.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to all those who supported our endeavours. It was an immense honor for us at Windjammer to share the enchanting wonders of St. Lucia with each and every one of you. <3