St. Lucia is the secluded treasure island you’ve always dreamed of visiting. With its luscious hills and flora enclosing a breathtaking landscape starring the magnificent Pitons, St. Lucia has so much more to offer than just spectacular views, as we expect you to discover at our resort, the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. We’ve gathered the best the island has to offer and put together 30 years of experience building the paradise that it is today, oozing with Mediterranean vibes and wrapped up in luxury, to make up for the 5-star vacation you’ve dreamed of.

In terms of entertainment, we believe we know what you enjoy most: from water sports, yoga and fitness classes, to live music, whale watching and entertainment, the island of St. Lucia makes an ideal destination for kids, teens, seniors and all family members.

But before we get into details about what you can do in St. Lucia, we’ll let you in on a few things you need to know before you get here.

What to pack when traveling in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is blessed with sun almost 365 days a year, so you can pack light in terms of clothing. We recommend lightweight natural fabric, an item to cover your shoulders if you get chilly in the evening, and of course, your bathing suit. In terms of shoes, you’ll do fine with some beach shoes, a pair of walking sandals and an evening pair.

More essentials for this climate include sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, but you can always buy these items in our local shops.

And now that we’ve got you all covered for the road, allow us to save the best for last and move on to what you can do in St. Lucia.

The best family activities at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

For starters, we want you to know that a whole spectrum of fun and entertaining activities are available for you at our resort. We’re always looking to offer our dear guests the time of their lives, whether they’re adults, teenagers, toddlers, seniors or newlyweds.


Jacquot Fun Club
The little ones are most welcome at our own Jacquot Fun Club, named after the colorful St. Lucian parrot, offering a supervised program of daily activities for children aged 4 – 12. Outdoor playing mixed with crafting and local culture encourages the children to stay active and creative. Keep your kids entertained and curious with fun activities: nature hikes, shell hunts, bottle fishing, coconut bowling, face painting, boat rides, cooking, swimming and sports lessons, as well as getting acquainted with the St. Lucian culture, language and dance. Activities are often themed, to generate diversity and to provide fun at all times, so, from pajama, pirate and disco to pizza parties, you can be sure your young ones will stay busy and enjoy themselves.

Our own Dive Center also includes programs for children starting 8 years and above.


Saint Lucia is undoubtedly the place for teens to disconnect from screen time and engage in fun activities that will not only keep them active but also give them a chance to socialize and make new friends.

Seaside fun is blasting with opportunities, from water skiing, a floating trampoline, an iceberg-like climbing wall, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and rafting, water activities are reason enough to look forward to a vacation. Relaxing in one of our overwater hammocks is among the teenagers’ favorite pastimes here, at our resort. But when feeling energized, there’s plenty to choose from in the sporting area as well, including beach volleyball, coconut bowling and water polo.

And since we know they’d love to keep their social media accounts updated, just imagine showing off tons of fun, accompanied by breathtaking views. That’ll make something of an InstaStory.


Our commitment to providing an unforgettable time for everyone pays off at a high rate of returning guests, because there’s a lot to experience and discover in St. Lucia, especially if you’re visiting for the first time, so we are going to make it easier for you. If you want to be surprised or want to explore more, we encourage you to check with the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Ambassadors for recommendations and suggestions that will best suit your needs.

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In terms of relaxation, we’ve got a special package at our luxury spa for adults and young ones alike, with the “Petite Spa Experience” for ages 8 and above, which is guaranteed to support your children to get some time for themselves starting from an early age.

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Land and water activities

Stand-up paddle boarding, beach volleyball, cornhole contests, water polo, water balloon fights, table tennis, and beach cricket are some of the activities you will definitely enjoy and which are guaranteed to help you create one-of-a-kind memories at our resort.

We’ve made a list of the most interesting, fun and engaging things to do on our lovely island, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and what to plan when taking your whole family on vacation.
Discover all of St. Lucia’s treasures by sailboat, jeep, catamaran, helicopter, and more.

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Family activities in St. Lucia



Treetop Adventure Park – Dennery
The 35-acre park welcomes children aged 8 and above and it’s home to the best zipline in the Caribbean. The 100 feet tall and 800 foot long rides will give your children an adventure filled with adrenaline, not to mention the view from above the flourishing rainforest.

Diamond Botanical Gardens – Soufriere
This small, 6-acre garden is home to some of the most impressive flowers, trees and luscious vegetation on the island. Its natural, astounding beauty is only to be topped off by a dramatic waterfall to complete the experience. Kids of all ages are welcome.

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Tet Paul Trail – Château Belaire
With only 0.6 miles and 45 minutes walking distance, this trail is suitable for children and adults as well. A hike amongst St. Lucia’s most iconic landscapes, it offers an incredible view of the Piton Mountains, which we dearly recommend, once you are here.

Rodney Bay Marina – Rodney Bay
Rodney Bay Marina is the second largest yachting center in the Caribbean where you can have some yachting or sport fishing experience or just chill and enjoy the maritime vibe.

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Sulphur Springs Park – Soufriere
Since its last eruption in the 18th century, the Soufriere provides a refreshing retreat for people of all ages. Also known as the “world’s only drive-in volcano”, the Soufriere has boiling springs, soothing waters and volcanic mud baths, making the sulfur springs a one-of-a-kind experience, satisfying the curiosity, the thrill and teaching your family about the island’s geology.

Aerial Tram Tour – Castries
Suitable for visitors of all ages, this one-hour aerial tour will give you the chance to explore St. Lucian’s fascinating rainforest, guided by a nature interpreter who will let you in on everything you need to know about the area’s vegetation and wildlife.

Pigeon Island National Landmark – Pigeon Island
Learn about the island’s history while having an exciting day out with the family. Walk around military barracks and the history museum through this 44-acre islet which will keep your little ones curious.

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It goes without saying that teens and adults both can enjoy most of the activities listed above in the Kids section. Just to spare you the effort, we’ll enumerate them one more time: the rainforest zip-line (Treetop Adventure Park – Dennery), Diamond Botanical Gardens – Soufriere, Tet Paul Trail – Château Belaire, Rodney Bay Marina, Sulphur Springs Park at Soufriere, Aerial Tram Tour – Castries, Hackshaws Boat Charters with whale and dolphin-watching at Seraphine and Pigeon Island National Landmark.

And now, for the last part, let’s move on to the things you can do in St. Lucia as an adult:

Nightlife – Gros Islet Street Party
For more than 50 years, St. Lucia’s most famous street party only pauses on Good Friday, offering a spectacular weekly event. Starting Fridays at sunset, the residents of Gros Islet are always prepared to welcome thousands of guests with street barbecue, cold beer, table-top bars, arts & crafts vendors and DJs until the morning after. Prepare for a culinary treat, as you can get anything from chicken and pork to the catch of the day and exotic lamb or conch grills on the waterfront, as well as some seasonal favorites, such as the spiny lobster or bwigo (whelks).

Mountain tours
An accessible route for all enthusiastic hikers is the panorama-absorbing tour of Gros and Petit Piton, led by your guide who will share all the information about the iconic peak and its twin, which dominate the west coast of St. Lucia.

Cycling tours
The St. Lucian forests are also worth exploring on a dynamic bicycle ride along the forest trails, giving you the opportunity to examine the environment up close. The highlight of this tour is Errard Falls, the highest waterfall on the island, where you can obviously take a dip and cool off from the sun.

Deep-sea fishing
Anyone who loves fishing will find both thrill and relaxation hopping on a charter with a group of six to eight fellow anglers which will lead you to all the best fishing spots, known only by locals. Cast your line for local fish such as wahoo, dorado, sailfish, white marlin, blue marlin, and others, with as much or as little guidance from the crew as you like. No level of proficiency is required, you can be anything from amateur to pirate ship material.

Water sports
St. Lucia is a paradise for a variety of water sports, most of which are available on the premises of the Windjammer Landing Resort. Our team here is experienced not only in providing proper lessons and instructions for beginners (children and adults), but also to guide you on what you could do.

Non-motorized water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, pedal boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, scuba diving, kneeboarding and many more.

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Horseback riding
Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two or simply have some time away for yourself, consider exploring the magnificent views of the Atlantic coast on a 2-hour horseback ride. Enjoy the country hillsides and fauna, local fishermen making their daily catch, or Epouge bay with colorful camping cottages on the way to Anse La Voute beach, where you can have the blissful experience of swimming with your horse.

Scuba diving
You cannot miss scuba diving once you’re in one of the best places on Earth to do it. With scuba diving equipment provided and certified instructors supervising, kids can enjoy 5 hours of discovering the fascinating underwater world in the protected areas of Anse Cochon and Soufriere Beach, whereas more experienced divers can head out in small groups of 8 to discover St. Lucia’s reefs, walls, drop-offs, shipwrecks and pinnacles, with two diving sites in each outing: a beach dive at Anse Chastanet, a drift dive in Soufriere.

Bird watching
Sure, you can casually enjoy some bird watching while doing yoga or enjoying a drink in the sun at the Windjammer Landing Resort, but if you’re looking to get closely acquainted with the island’s own species, you can go on a 3-hour long bird watching tour. You’ll see rufous-throated solitaires, St. Lucia pewees, orioles, banana quits and many more.

Helicopter tours
Views from above can be satisfying, relaxing and intriguing as well. You can opt for longer or shorter trips, and, as helicopter tours are available as a shuttle service between the airport and your accommodation, just imagine getting to know St. Lucia for the first time from above, or saying goodbye in a majestic way right before you leave.

Land and sea or private island tour
An exquisite way of exploring and getting to know St. Lucia is by land and water. You can choose between going on a full-day trip where you’ll get to see highlights such as the “drive-in” volcano, mud baths, bathing in Toraille Waterfall, the Pitons, some snorkeling, a bat cave and fishing villages, or have a private island tour customized according to your preferences, choosing anything from departure time to itinerary to your liking.

Last, but certainly not least on our list is the full relaxation package available at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, where the spa facility will provide you with a premium menu of self-indulgence “à la carte”. Anything you please, from massage therapy, facial treatments, body treatments and body wraps to hair treatment and group or couple spa, your little ones can also learn to relax from an early age since the Windjammer Landing Spa program has something special for each and every one of you. So just sit back, relax, and let us spoil you!

Hopefully, we got you excited with all the opportunities for fun, discovery and relaxation you can get in St. Lucia. The challenge will be for you to choose and combine in such a way that you get a little bit from everything – who knows, one morning you may feel energized enough to take a waterski and rejuvenate with some mud baths in the afternoon. With restaurants all over the resort, eating won’t be a problem even if you’re on a tour – and most of the time, it’s included. So now that you know what to pack, where to stay and what to do in St. Lucia, it’s time to book what we promise you will be an unforgettable vacation!

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