The outstanding natural beauty and richness of the gem in the Caribbean that is St. Lucia can rightfully be considered paradise. Its precious, untouched wilderness creates a unique environment, gathering all of nature’s gifts into a single, fascinating treat. It goes without saying that both land and sea provide a wide array of entertainment and marvel. 

Exploring the beauties of this island can be done in more ways than one, and our Jammin’ Tours are proof of just how much of its stunning personality you can absorb. 

The Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is responsible for the Jammin’ Tours, an exploitation of what the island has to offer, via full-day or half-day tours, where you can engage in any activities, starting from sailing and diving, and moving on to helicopter tours and whale watching. Now, the in-between is almost infinite, so let’s take you through our carefully selected experiences, which you can combine in order to benefit from a full 360° adventure, where you’ll get to know St. Lucia at its most wonderful. 

The Jammin’ Tours are divided into two main categories: Land and Sea

Land Tours include numerous adventures, and we’re about to give you the necessary amount of detail, keeping the promise that it’s best you come to see for yourself. 

Starting with our West Coast Adventure, you get to visit the drive-in volcano and rejuvenate in its muddy waters. Get a view from the top of the tropical rainforest on our exhilarating Canopy Adventure. Glide through the rainforest of St. Lucia in the comfort of your aerial gondola with the Rainforest Aerial Tram, or get a combination of the latter, via the Rainforest Tranopy Adventure. 

Thankfully, the variety doesn’t stop here: ride through trails north of St. Lucia on the Atlantic beach on the saddle, as you get to take majestic horses for a gallop and swim, alongside our very experienced tour guides. Surely one of the most exhilarating and tranquil experiences you can have – which we strongly advise you. 

Furthermore, you can opt for historical tours, venture on your own anywhere you like among specially curated trails for hiking and discovery, explore the Pitons, or get in line with the rhythms of St. Lucia at the Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party

Get acquainted with local craftsmanship and learn the history of chocolate, while tasting the fruit of cacao trees. Watch the process of drying and roasting the beans and learn to make your own. And just to indulge your taste buds, you can also opt for our Sugar to Rum tour, where you’ll visit the banana plantation and have a chance to purchase your favorite local rum at the distillery.

Our Sea Tours imply sailing to the Soufriere and back, where you’ll get the chance to take one of the famous mud baths, topping it off with a visit to the most imposing waterfall. Next up, we recommend an exciting Sunset Cruise where you’ll be basically sailing in a party atmosphere. Snorkel along the west coastline and discover coves and reefs with a breathtaking coral garden and an array of colorful marine life. Kayaking is also an option for our more athletic customers, as you get to paddle between the Marigot Bay dive shop to the Roseau River. 

Another exciting way to spend a day or a half at sea is doing some of the best fishing in the Caribbean, and catching what you’ll be having for dinner, under the supervision and with the help of our captain and crew. 

As usual, we’ve saved the best for last, and we’re talking about our dolphin and whale-watching tours, where you can hope to see some of the world’s largest mammals, with a quite high rate of sightings, in a tour that’s as exciting for children as it is for adults.

So, whether you’d like to be caught by the sunset in between the Pitons, get to know the luxurious rainforest and its fauna, take a mud bath or see the island from above, our Jammin’ Tours have something to please your every need. So, we say browse, explore, choose and book now, as you’re probably in for the treat of a lifetime! 

You can find out everything you need to know from our website or our tour ambassadors at the resort.  We highly recommend that guests book tours through our Front Office Area – Tour Desk, Phone No. 1-758-4569534, every day until 5:00 PM. Needless to say, all our tours are fully ensured and 100% safe:

  •  Jammin’ Tours are fully certified and insured and meet international safety standards;
  • The vessels and vehicles used for our tours meet all safety requirements and are verified consistently;
  • The captains, drivers and guides for our tours have done health and safety required trainings;

So our advice is to check what’s available and make some plans, whether it’s with your friends, families, significant others, or whomever you wish to invite.